GeoSIL 150 CONCENTRATE 5lt – Virus Disinfectant – Leave on surface spray

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70 – 200 ml per litre water – Surface disinfection

GeoSIL150 can be diluted to any suitable strength for use as a powerful surface disinfectant, and is safe to use around food, and food contact surfaces. It can be used full strength for dosing of drinking & horticultural water supplies, cooling towers and process water tanks. It is ideal for use in swimming pools and spas as a totally chlorine free treatment, and can also be diluted for used around the pool to disinfect and de-odourise toilets and amenities. It can safely be used to disinfect and protect rural domestic rainwater storage tanks and household systems, used in buildings to protect against Legionella and other bacterial infections, and around the home, farm, boat, or factory as a safe effective antiviral disinfectant.

Wiping Spreads Germs.  GeoSIL disinfectants can be used as no-rinse sanitisers for general disinfection of work surfaces, sanitary facilities, medical & veterinary premises, horticultural and agricultural facilities and equipment I premises not operating under the requirements of the NZFSA.

GeoSIL is approved by New Zealand Food & Safety Authority as a category C41 sanitiser in NZFSA approved food processing premises.
It can be shown that wiping surfaces is much less effective than generally thought.

Most disinfectants require a length of time to kill germs, and with many products this can be anything from 10 to 15 minutes. Most people spray a surface, and then immediately wipe the disinfectant off. The disinfectant is therefore not in contact with the surface long enough to be effective, and the surface will not be disinfected. Repeated use of this procedure (sub-lethal dose) allows bacteria to develop resistance to the particular chemical, to the point where it becomes almost completely ineffective.

In addition to this, if the cleaning cloth is then used to clean other surfaces, contamination will be transferred from surface to surface, and cross-contamination is unavoidable.

The same problem occurs with the use of anti-bacterial wipes. The disinfectant is not in contact with the surface long enough to be effective. Eventually, the bacteria b ecomes resistant to the wipe chemicals.

Cleaning sponges have been found to harbour millions of bacteria and viruses.
GeoSIL is unique for a number of reasons;

It’s very fast action means that it is effective in a much shorter space of time. It immediately goes to work the instant it reached the surface.
It can safely be left on the surface to dry naturally. This avoids the potential to re-contaminate the surface with cleaning clothes, and to spread the infection to other surfaces.
It leaves behind an almost undetectable silver ion barrier on the surface to provide an antibacterial shield, and inhibit the re-growth of bacteria.
GeoSIL DS is a ready-to-use (RTU) surface disinfectant spray, ideally suited to this use. GeoSIL and GeoSIL 150 can be diluted for use as a surface disinfectant also.

No Rinse.
No Wipe.
No Cross-Contamination.

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