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Interleaved Toilet Tissue 36 pack (9000 sheets)

$47.00 + GST


Interleaved Toilet Tissue serves dual purposes in compatible dispensers, functioning as both toilet paper and nose tissue.

Compatible with the Interleaved Toilet Tissue dispenser (item 1184). Our premium Soft 2-Ply offering comes in 36 hygienically wrapped packs, totaling 9000 sheets.

Each pack features 250 sheets sized at 100mm x 200mm, tailored for seamless use in Interleaved Toilet Tissue systems.

Dispensers like item 1184.
Interleaved Toilet Tissue Dispenser

Our interleaved design ensures hygienic dispensing, allowing users to touch only the sheet they take.

Ideal for Childcare Centers, schools, and aged care facilities, these sheets are gentle on skin and certified for sustainability.

Key Features of Interleaved toilet tissue or nose tissue:
Portion-controlled 2-ply sheets for hygienic dispensing.
Suitable for use as toilet paper or nose tissues.
Soft and smooth texture for comfort.
Each pack is sealed for protection and convenience.

Unfolded Sheet Size: 100mm x 200mm
Folded Sheet Size: 100mm x 100mm (1/2 fold)
Make a sustainable choice with our premium interleaved toilet tissue. Order now for premium quality at a great price!

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